Peter W. Clement

I have been a practicing architect since graduating from the architecture school at
the University of Pennsylvania. After a number of years working for firms, I started
Clement Architects llc in 2004, and have been working on residential and school

Some of my residential projects include: a complex addition to a large house, with
new pool house/garage, new pool and terraced gardens, overlooking Long Island
Sound; two new garage/studios; a renovation and addition to a historic house: new
kitchen, opening to a revised family room and new garden work room; a new cottage on
the St. Lawrence River, in Quebec; and renovations to a townhouse in New Haven, CT. 

Before Clement Architects I worked first for Herbert S. Newman & Partners, designing
new and renovated College and School buildings; I worked for the S/L/A/M
on a corporate headquarters, and a new Dining Hall at UCONN’s
south campus; and finally for Tai Soo Kim Partners, working on a training center in Korea,
and multiple new and renovation projects for boarding schools. 

"Renovation and restoration of houses and buildings have always been very important to me.
From my first large scale project, at Herbert S. Newman Associates, the renovation of Yale
University's Battell Chapel, to the simple civilizing of a very run-down three family house in
New Haven, the underlying task is always the same: where is the value in the old design,
however run down, and how to make it shine again…and work again, of course.” 

Along those lines, I collaborated on writing a book, which my wife, Victoria designed,
called STONLEA: A Timeworn Gilded Age Survivor Transformed. It describes the restoration,
by an older woman, of a very large 1891 summer house in Dublin, NH. See Writings.

My wife and I recently finished another book: Clarity: Bringing Your Forebears Into Focus.
It is a collection of reminiscences and photographs, telling the stories of an extraordinary
woman's family. See Writings.

I graduated from Yale University with a degree in English, and from the University of
Pennsylvania with a Master of Architecture, and a second Master of Architecture in the
Studio of Louis I Kahn. I have served on the boards of The Preservation Society of the
Niagara Frontier (Buffalo); The Children's Center of New Haven; Cornerstone, Inc., a
halfway house in New Haven; The Madison Historical Society; and The New Haven